Retro Sci-Fi Fashion Shoot

Create a striking fashion image worthy of a classic sc-fi flick.

In this class, Karl takes inspiration from the movie Blade Runner to create an eye-catching science fiction-style image.

Through careful control of just two lights, he demonstrates the kind of results you can achieve with enough knowledge, patience, and attention to detail.

In this fashion photography class:

  • Creative set creation
  • Creative direction
  • Posing
  • How to achieve synergy between various elements
  • Long exposure in fashion photography
  • Precision lighting
  • A simple two-light setup
  • Controlling and balancing multiple light sources
  • The importance of close attention to detail
  • Analysing and making an adjustments mid-shoot

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. Gary Stasiuk

    This is a wicked shoot. You are obviously using a deeply coloured slide in the projector so colour temperature doesn’t really come into play, but if you had to match with studio strobe.. is it just a halogen => daylight mod? I would love to try something like this at some point.

    1. Hi Gary, and thank you. The projector was running an image off my computer of primary blue and red stripes and I think the projector runs at 6000K. If you were to run it from another light source then it would depend on the gels you were using, for example if they were primary red and blue gels from LEE then those are designed for a daylight source such as flash. If you were running them from a tungsten source then it would make sense to put a tungsten to daylight gel first.

  2. Awesome! But I’m slightly confused – the Fresnel and the triangle were flash, yes?
    Edit: Just read your reply to a previous comment which confirmed that those lights were flash. Cool!

  3. Hi No problem is no hurry
    i have so mutch other things to learn on your website

    maybe soon i can show a result


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