Siros Part 1: Unboxing

Welcome to the first video in our  Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit review series. In this video Karl unboxes and reviews a Broncolor  Siros Lighting kit showing you:

Quality and contents of the carrying cases
The 2 lights and lamp heads
The RFS wireless lighting trigger
Lighting cables
The soft box and silver brolly
The two lighting stands
Wifi Connectivity of these lights

As well as putting  it all together so you can see how incredible this lighting kit actually is.


  1. Hi, Karl, many thanks for all the videos. My favorite time of a day is to watch one hour of your video and practice a little bit in my garage. I bought some simple lighting kit for portrait practice and I think it is time to upgrade after watching your videos. Is Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit a good kit to start shooting good portrait and product? I do need the softbox for bottle photos too. Any suggestions? Do you still offer discount code for the kit? Many thanks

    1. Hi, glad to hear that you are enjoying using the platform. The Siros lights are some of the best monoblocs you can buy and yes you would need a softbox and scrims for bottle shots as you will see in many of bottle, wine photography tutorials and live show replays here. Yes a discount is available to members please contact us by email with your details and what it is your looking to buy and we will make an inquiry for you.

  2. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the valuable insights I have been deriving from your tutorials…I’m beginning to refocus as a result of this.

    I would have loved to go with the Siros but stopped in my tracks after finding out how much it would cost me. In comparison to the Siros, how well can the Elinchrom equivalent you suggested to Javier in the comment section, perform?

    By the way, thanks for the lens pouches you sent me. 🙂

    1. Hi, I used Elinchrom for many years at the start of my career. It won’t be as fast flash duration as the Siros but you will have to check and see what t0.1 measurement they can achieve.

  3. Hi Karl! excellent tutorials! I would like to ask you regarding to lights what kind of light do you recommend (Elinchrom/Siros) for product photography.

    1. Hi Bela, the light that comes out of both will be very similar as is the case with most flash systems. The choice of modifiers is one thing you need to consider and if you are shooting moving liquids, fast fashion etc then the flash duration will also be a key thing. I encourage you to watch the first 15 chapters of the ‘Portrait’ section to fully understand light and flash systems.

  4. Hi
    i have Elinchrom FRX 400 2 no and 1 D lite FX 1 planning to add few more for freezing fluids
    and action which model you suggest in Elinchrom or Siros your suggestions.

  5. Hi Karl,
    Thanks for your excellent tutorials, im learning a lot and in a very easy way.
    I want to ask you something, i bought a godox 400sk II kit and it doesn’t work at all, after 2 sessions two lamps got burned.
    Im looking for a decent 3 lamps kits because i recently move to US and im starting from zero. Im interested in a decent, low bugdet kit. This Siros 400 S looks a great choice, should i go for it and an extra siros moonlight or another adicional lamp? how i can get the discount in the US for broncolor?

    1. Hi Javier, the Siros are excellent lights, if they are out of your budget then look at Elinchrom. Contact us directly by email or through the help desk about your membership discounts.

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