Siros Part 3: Test 2

Here is the third video in my Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit review series. In this video Karl shows you how to shoot both business portraits and how you can take the kit outside for a location lighting set up. In this video Karl also covers

How to work in a compact office environment

Positioning and organizing any office furniture to work with your composition.

What settings to use on your camera for this high key business portrait

How this lighting system performs out on location

See what settings Karl uses to eliminate daylight


  1. Spanish and Turkish language translation is not available. available in previous videos

  2. Hi Karl, I’ve been following your videos with interest, you’re great. The Syros division does not exist as a language.

    1. Hi thank you, I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean by Syros division does not exist as a language?

  3. Hello
    Very nice gear, I’m currently looking to get myself one of the Siros S kit.
    Just wanted to know what battery (type, brand) you’re using and why.
    I’ve been facing some issues with mine and it’s really nice to be able to use them outside without buying special outdoor equipment like the Siros L.

  4. Beautiful Lighting Equipment. I’m seriously looking into this.

    Your choice of a highkey look using the bounce technique, is that to minimize room shadow in a small white space?

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