1. Always great content and valuable advice, thanks Karl. Keep up the good work. Been binge watching.

  2. Candez Photography

    Hi Karl,

    Each time I watch one of your videos, I say, “ok I’ve got to buy this right now, this is what is best for my budget and space available in my home studio” and a couple of videos later I say “oh no THiS is what I have to buy to get better price to quality ratio” hahaha

    I have therefore decided to watch ALL of your videos until the end and then decide what I will buy as far as lighting goes to better suit my needs without going broke : )

    Have a great day !

  3. Hi Karl,

    Has any of the manufacturers come up with a solution to provide an equivalent for a modeling lamp, to be used with a speedlight?


  4. This has made it easier for me as im trying to build up my business and as im not working atm due to a back problem i cant afford much money for lighting so this has been very helpful to now that i can get good lighting with just speed light for the time being thanks karl

    1. Hey there,

      This is a great video! Thank you!

      I want to upgrade my kit a little bit to include some kit good for portraits.

      I currently have a 90 octa, 120 octa (150 is probably too big for my space), a 90 square + a few strip boxes.

      I don’t have a huge budget, but would the deep focus umbrella & a 75 beauty dish be a good addition? Or another combination?

      Also, the deep focus that’s made for my Godox lights are called “parabolic”, and they come in a 90 and 120. Space is tight, so would a 90 be ok? I could fit a 120 if I really needed to.

      Thanks for the tips.

  5. Hey Karl,

    Knowing what you know now…

    Outside of a good source of natural light, what would you recommend – strobes, speedlites, softboxes, etc. – as a minimum for equipment for a small home studio for headshots and individual portraits.


    1. Hi Eric, the minimum for me would be two lights but check out the lighting examples from 1-4 lights in the course ‘Light Source’ on the portrait section but I’d also recommend watching the theory chapters first as this will help you understand the ‘reasons’ better. This is a new course and the information will be gold in relation to your questions. Cheers Karl.

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