Solar Flair Fashion | Post-Production

Enhance your post-production skills by learning how a pro retouches his fashion images in Photoshop.

In this easy-to-follow post-production tutorial, Karl walks you through every step of his retouching workflow, sharing his go-to tools and techniques to boost your Photoshop expertise. As he reveals the subtle but significant improvements you can make with simple tweaks and adjustments, you’ll feel inspired to take your own post-production work to the next level.

As he polishes two separate shots to perfection, Karl demonstrates a variety of techniques. These include Gaussian blur and noise, layer masks, the Liquify filter, burning and dodging, and many more. Using each tool to enhance the beauty and flow of each image, Karl shows you how to boost the impact of your photos without compromising their authenticity.

In this class:

  • Post-production tools and techniques for fashion photography
  • How to retouch an image in Photoshop
  • How to use layer masks
  • Using the Liquify filter
  • How to add Gaussian blur and noise
  • Burning and dodging

To see how Karl captured the images he works on in this class, watch Solar Flair Fashion Shoot.

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