Solar Flair Fashion Shoot

Discover the unusual accessory that makes this one-light fashion shoot such a success.

If you like experimentation, this fashion photography class is for you! Watch as Karl takes a piece of equipment that has nothing to do with photography, and transforms it into a lighting modifier – with surprising results.

As model Britt tries out a variety of poses, including some spectacular jumps and leaps, Karl captures an array of different shots, trying out different shooting distances and positions. When repositioning the mystery modifier produces a dramatic change in the lighting, Karl seizes the opportunity to change up the shoot and capture some more moody shots.

This unique class will inspire you to try out something new and push the limits of photography lighting as you know it!

In this class:

  • Fashion photography in the studio
  • Lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • Photography lighting hacks
  • Working with a model for fashion and beauty photography
  • The inverse square law of light

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To see how Karl retouched these shots, watch Solar Flair Fashion | Post-Production.

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