Sunset Landscapes

In this photography class you’ll learn how to get professional results using just your compact camera, using it on full manual or TV mode to get the very best results.

Here, Karl demonstrates how to photograph a sunset and explains the best time to photograph it. You’ll learn how, by using a slow shutter speed, you can easily and effectively capture the motion of the waves and beautiful color of the sky.

Combining this with the skills taught in our Composition class, you’ll be able to take images that look like they were captured with a professional camera.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • How to use your compact camera
  • Camera settings for sunset photography
  • Camera modes: Photographing in manual mode & TV mode
  • Useful equipment for sunset photography
  • Composition: Framing using the rule of thirds

To learn more about some of the concepts discussed in this class, take a look at our Photography Quick Start Guide.

If you have any questions about this photography class please post in the comments section below.

NOTE: This photography class is available with subtitles.


    1. Hi Abu, the camera settings are dependent on how much light there is and the effect that you want to achieve. The amount of light varies day to day based on time of year, weather etc. It is very simple to work out the exposure required and the motion you might want to capture, we cover it all in this course but you really need to watch this course from start to finish –

    1. Thank you. As always, camera is just a tool and if you can take manual control of it then you can make creative decisions.

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