Interview With Commercial Photographer Alex Wallace

Discover how Alex Wallace built a successful international career as a commercial and industrial photographer.

Want to know how professional photographers achieve lasting success in their chosen field? Watch Karl's interview with Alex Wallace. Renowned for his on-location environmental photography, Alex has shot mines, hotels, solar farms, hospitals, and much more – plus the all-important people who work on them. He has worked on many prestigious campaigns and projects for globally renowned clients, ranging from the illustrious New Zealand All Blacks rugby team to iconic brands like Audi, Steinlager, and Hilton.

In this fascinating conversation, Karl and Alex discuss everything from equipment and file management to the challenges of working long days back-to-back on location. Karl quizzes Alex on his skilful use of light, as well as on how he manages and directs the people in his photos. Alex also shares his strategies for managing and meeting client expectations, and for overcoming the challenge of delivering hundreds or even thousands of high-quality images on time.

As these two industry veterans discuss the rise of AI and its potential impacts, you'll gain valuable insights into the future of photography and learn how to equip yourself for the exciting times ahead.

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  1. Remig

    Fascinating conversation, thanks a lot Karl and Alex! Loved it!
    I would love to see a class where Alex gives tips on post-prod πŸ™‚

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