Working to a Brief: Assignment 3 LAUNCH

In this live show, Karl reveals our third photography brief challenge. Outlining the concept for a blueberry muffin breakfast scene, Karl explains the requirements and expectations, outlining important details and what is expected for this challenge.

You can find the visual sketch, mood board images and written description for the detailed brief here. All the information you need to execute the brief can be found in the blog post, and Karl also answers further questions and offers some advice throughout this show. This brief provides a host of new challenges that members will have to overcome, including composition decisions, lighting techniques and judgements on the overall aesthetic of the photo.

These challenges present the perfect opportunity to practice working to a brief, allowing you to experience what it’s like to interpret and execute a photography brief.

You can watch the follow-up review for this brief here.


  1. Just joined your platform and rushed to get this challenge completed. I read the full brief but somehow missed the video up top where you clearly stated that patterns on the napkin was probably not a good idea. Apologies for that. Keep an eye out for a lightly striped napkin in the submission pile =]

  2. Hi Karl, if you mind clarify one question, the napkin on the left bottom corner is a paper napkin, a fabric napkin or is it our choice which one we use?

  3. Karl Taylor my killing is for surfing education, genius, I expect more food, new food lesson when is syllabary

  4. Only Just signed up to the site, looking forward to giving this a go…..and blueberry muffins are my favourite so its win/win for me 🙂

  5. Very clear instructions… keep your focus on the muffins, keep your muffins covered and whatever you do avoid a naked muffin!

  6. Hope you enjoyed those muffins as much as I enjoyed the video! I don’t think you could be any more clear as to what’s expected and I look forward to rising to the challenge with my submission. These brief assignments and critiques are solid gold and you offer the best training and advice anywhere out there. Exactly what I need to improve. Thank you, my friend!

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