Working to a Brief 14 REVIEW

In our 14th Working to a Brief assignment, we tasked Visual Education members with an exciting challenge: recreating one of Karl's classic images, featuring a bottle and a glass white wine. This particular brief offered a unique twist – it was based on a live photoshoot, allowing members to closely follow Karl’s expert guidance, step by step. The outcome? An impressive collection of images that reached an exceptionally high standard, ready for Karl and Emma’s discerning critique.

As we delved into each submission, we observed some common hurdles that participants encountered as they tackled this detailed brief. One of the primary challenges was dealing with lens flare, which cast a hazy veil over some of the images. Karl shared his insights on mitigating this issue – watch the video for some valuable tips!

Another difficulty that kept popping up related to making the glass stand out distinctly against the pristine white background, avoiding any muddiness. Also essential was perfecting the appearance of the condensation droplets on the glass – crucial to securing a natural and authentic look. Karl offered simple advice for dealing with this challenges.

Which wine images captured the essence of the assignment flawlessly? Which ones required a bit of fine-tuning? Be prepared to uncover invaluable tips and techniques as you watch the critique unfold.

See all the images in the Working to a Brief 14 Members' Gallery.


  1. Remig

    Thank you so much for reviewing our entries and for your good words Karl, this is golden!
    Also, having this format of chatting with Emma is a great idea, makes the review lively and enjoyable 🙂

  2. Hi Karl,
    Thank you very much for your feedback! I know, the glass looks terrible, I was almost afraid to send the photo to you with such weird-looking glass 😀 I had two lights only that I couldn’t change the brightness of and I had a tiny space where I couldn’t move anything further away 🤪 That’s why there was a significant retouching going on – to get the background white and that made the glass look weird 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 I even used a big torch to brighten up the background, but it kept turning off as the switch was broken 😀 And a small torch for the punt, that worked well 🙂 Thank you for this adventure and the feedback!

    1. Hi Martina, thank you very much for entering the brief and to be fair your image was in folder number 2 so it had lots of positive things too.

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