’90s-Inspired Look

Get retro with this amazing take on ’90s-style makeup.

Recapture those ’90s vibes with professional makeup artist Tamara Tott in this comprehensive practical tutorial!

Light shimmery shadow, ’90s brow, spiky lashes and a brown-lined lip: this fabulous look is easier to create than you might think – once you know which products and techniques to use.

This look has a more editorial vibe than the others you’ve covered so far in this course. But with the right styling, it could work equally well for beauty shots.

Guiding you step-by-step, Tamara works through the process of blocking brows, crafting dark, sultry eyeliner, and creating the perfect glossy brown-lined lip. She also reveals how to apply individual lashes (as opposed to strip lashes) to create this highly styled look.

In this class:

  • ’90s-style makeup artistry
  • Tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist
  • Products and techniques for a retro look
  • Editorial-style makeup artistry
  • Creative brow techniques
  • How to apply individual lashes
  • How to create the perfect brown-lined lip

This class will boost your makeup expertise and get you fired up to try out exciting new techniques. Ready, set, retro!

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