Aston Martin Sports Car CGI (Part 1)

Turbocharge your CGI skills with this step-by-step Blender tutorial.

Want to know how top ad agencies make their car commercials look so good? Find out in this easy-to-follow CGI class, presented by Blender expert and professional CGI artist Corey Rive. You’ll learn how to turn a basic model of an Aston Martin DB11 sports car into a striking and photorealistic ad-style image.

Corey begins by showing you how he found and selected his model. If you want to follow along with this class, you can download the same model free of charge from SketchFab.

As you build up your set and texture your model, you’ll cover a wide range of useful techniques including texture mapping, bump mapping, normal mapping, emissions, and more. (Not sure what these terms mean? Check out our 3D CGI Terminology A-Z.)

By the end of the class, you’ll have completed the set-building and texturing process, ready to move onto lighting and rendering in Aston Martin Sports Car CGI (Part 2).

In this class:

  • How to source 3D models for CGI
  • Texturing a 3D CGI model in Blender
  • Building a background in Blender
  • Using lattice modifiers
  • Texture mapping
  • Bump mapping
  • Normal mapping
  • Geometry and emissions

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