Aston Martin Sports Car CGI (Part 2)

Learn how to light your 3D models like a pro.

In this follow-up to Aston Martin Sports Car CGI (Part 1), you’ll learn how to use precise lighting techniques to transform your model into a stunningly photorealistic final image. Follow professional CGI artist Corey Rive as he demonstrates how to use HDR Light Studio in conjunction with Blender to achieve the kind of lighting you see in professional car ads.

As you add, position and modify numerous lights, you’ll learn how fine details and subtle adjustments can make all the difference. By the end of the class, you’ll have turbocharged your CGI skills and created a beautiful new image for your portfolio.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for 3D CGI
  • How to light a CGI model
  • How to use HDR Light Studio with Blender
  • Positioning and modifying lights in CGI
  • Creating photorealistic CGI

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  1. Question, It looks like the rims and the tires miss some texture to make it more believable, what could you suggest? but overall the concept looks awesome!

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