1. Chaz27

    Wow, this was a tough challenge. One thing I wasn’t sure of was getting the 10% gray background. Mine ended up being too dark. When I was searching through the videos I couldn’t find anything on the 10% until now when you mentioned 239 RGB in the PS histogram.
    One thing I think I started watching too many videos and got overwhelmed.
    Just goes to show how much more I need to learn

    1. Hi, thanks for giving it a go as that’s the more important way to learn. We do have several product videos that mention the 10% grey though, so you must have plenty more to check yet 🙂

  2. Thanks Karl for the review! I was the one who asked last why I was in the yellow section, but I didn’t mean that I deserved to be in the green section, I think I barely made it to the yellow, anyway thank you very much, this helps a lot to improve. I hope to see your class on this brush soon.

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