Photo Critique: Cosmetics

We received some incredible cosmetics shots for this members’ image critique. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work!

Perfumes and lipsticks made up the majority of the cosmetics, but we also saw some skincare and makeup products. Check out the members’ image gallery below.

Watch the live-show replay to see Karl review the shots, identifying the strengths of each one while he also identifies potential improvements.

As he offers his critiques, Karl covers the importance of using diffused light for glossy surfaces, keeping your concept coherent, and removing sticky labels from bottles and boxes.

He also offers tips on composition, contrast, how to keep the viewer ‘in’ the image, and how to separate the ‘hero’ of a shot from its supporting cast.

A fantastic learning opportunity even if your own work isn’t featured, this critique show offers plenty of valuable product photography tips. You'll find inspiration in your fellow members' creativity and develop a deeper understanding of what makes a successful photo.

If you enjoyed this show, be sure to check out our Cosmetics Photography section, as well as our archive of previous members’ image critiques.

Member's Images


  1. Hi Karl,
    at 54:39min you refer to a shoot you did that apparently seemed to inspire the submission. I searched on your site (keywords “floating cosmetics”) but can’t find the video. I actually remember you pulling up a very simliar image (I think it was a yellow/orangey product with purple geled light on the water) as an example in another video. Is that the one you were referring to here? I’d love to see the video for that image.

      1. Ah ok, then it was that one you referred to. Had my hopes up that there was a video about another product shot of that kind.
        I actually watched the one you linked here before I attempted my version and I think it turned out great because of it!

  2. Gary Stasiuk

    Thanks Karl.. picked up some good points from everyone’s images. Life got busy and I missed the live show but appreciate that you guys post these up so quickly. I thought the critiques were fair all around and your points were pretty bang on toward possible improvements.

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