Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 3)

In this post-production class, Karl continues the retouching work he started in Hard-Light Beauty | Post-Production (Part 2).

His primary focus in this session is colouration. You’ll see him demonstrate Color Blend Mode as he uses layer masks to achieve the most effective levels of hue saturation.

Karl also shows you how to use the Unsharp Mask filter to boost contrast, and undertakes extensive burning and dodging to accentuate the contours of the model’s jawline, cheekbones, shoulders, and more.

In this class:

  • Post-production tools and techniques for beauty photography
  • Photoshop tips for beauty retouching
  • Using Color Blend Mode in Photoshop
  • How to use the Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop
  • Burning and dodging in Photoshop

To see Karl capturing the images he works on in this class, watch Hard-Light Beauty Shoot.

If you enjoy this class, be sure to check out Projection Spotlight Beauty | Post-Production (Part 1).

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© Karl Taylor


  1. Uwe

    Great videos for shooting and editing after the fact. The post-production is very complex but of course very good. I wonder if this makes business sense. What kind of customers are willing to pay several hours for a motif?

    Best regards from Düsseldorf!

    1. Hi Uwe, only clients where the final product such as skin, makeup, beauty products etc will pay for detailed retouching. There are however several automated retouching products on the market that do a pretty good job if the picture was for a portrait or similar. Also keep in mind that I could conclude the retouch to 90% of the standard in about one hour if I had to and I wasn’t talking to the camera! 🙂

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