Lighting Stands and Supports

Give your lights the support they need.

Sturdy and reliable lighting stands are essential for any photographer working with studio lights. To control light, we need to be able to get it in the right position, whether this be on a boom arm, floor stand or C-stand.

Building from the smallest floor stands to the towering giraffe booms, Karl reviews some of the supports he uses in studio while also providing valuable tips on how to make the best use of them.

In this class:

  • Various size lighting stands
  • Lighting stand accessories and attachments
  • Speciality grips
  • Custom modifications and attachments
  • Working safely with stands and supports
  • What to consider when buying stands and supports

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. hi, karl, from what I understand, the c stand can have the same function as giraffe boom? what’s the major difference here, is it height, weight, or some other reason to choose one over another? thank u

  2. Hi,

    I need to take my Para 133 out of my small studio for some on-site lifestyle portraits. The locations will be indoor.

    It the video above it looks like you have your Para 133 mounted on a Manfrotto 085BS Boom Stand with a boom.

    Can I ask if this is indeed the stand and ask what boom arm you have mounted on the stand?

    Many thanks,

      1. Hi Karl,

        Possibly. I noticed the Para 133 on a boom in but the views were very quick.

        What I am after is a way to get the Para on a strong stand where I can angle it when raised. I want to use it to take photos of ice hockey players. Both portraits and action and I want the Para above my head.

        The part you show in the video is custom made I understand so I am hoping to find something off the shelf.

        Thanks again.

        1. Hi Darrill, yes that’s the same boom arm that is shown in the other video at 8mins 30secs, as mentioned that was something I had made at my local metal workshop to fit ontop of my Manfrotto Wind up Stand 087NW – The para can fit directly ontop of any of the larger Manfrotto stands as they have a large hole for the para to drop into but then the stand gets in the way which is why I had the aluminium T bar made so I could get the Para 133 overhead without the stand in the way. Although this would be a lot of kit for on location so you might consider just a good strong C-stand and having to shoot underneath is as C-stands don’t get in your way quite as much but you’ll probably have to sandbag it. There is no easy solution when using a modifier this size on location other than going with a big wind up stand and custom making your own T-Bar or something yourself, or maybe this but I don’t know how good it would be as I’ve not got one so I’m afraid I couldn’t give you a straight answer.

  3. Hi Karl!

    I decided it’s time to buy my first light stand. I was looking at the Avengers C stands, but on the website it seems that all of them are out of stock. Can you recommend anything similar in quality? Also..I know they usually make them standard, but do you think in the future I will still be able to mount a light on it? (considering how fast technology is changing) At the moment I would only use it for a flashgun as I don’t have yet the budget for a proper light. Thank you!

    1. Hi Simona, if you just search ‘C-stands’ on photography retailer sites you should find plenty of options. All C stands top is already the correct size to hold a studio light?

  4. Hi Karl,

    I finally decided to join your courses and love them (as I do with your YouTube videos). They are exactly what I need to grow while starting my product photography business, so thank you very much.
    Only fear I have that I what to buy something new after every single video 😀
    At least for the stands I made good use of the old microphone and cymbal stands from my drumming days.
    Looking forwad to such much contant. Cheers from Germany!

    1. Hello in Germany! I’m glad you have made use of your music stands, you will also find me making or using things here to solve problems, there is always a way!

  5. Hi After watching this and taking notes to compare different options myself, I do have one question remaining (for now) : what is the main difference between the first Giraffe boom (Manfrotto Light Boom35 085BS) priced at 390 euro’s and the C-Stand boom (Avenger D600 Mini Boom at 200 euro + Avenger C-Stand 33 with sliding leg at 215 euro).

    In the video the first one seems the “bigger” solution, although the c-stand is more expensive. Which option is the one to go for if your budget only allows one (even if that one is more expensive af the other option).

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Benny, if you have the space the bigger giraffe booms with the orange weight on the ends are my preferred choice as you have more reach and height.

  6. Hi,
    Except for the very large ones, lightstands in the video are mostly black and all c-stands are silver. Any specific preference or reason to avoid a specific color?

    1. Hi Benny, no just C-stands most commonly come in chrome. This can be a nuisance sometimes due to reflections on the product but when this happens I just cover them with black cloth.

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