Photo Critique: Post-Production

In this live workshop, now available to watch as a replay, Karl offers his honest professional opinion on members' post-production work, highlighting what works and what doesn’t and demonstrating simple tips to help improve the images.

In this class:

  • Photoshop tools and techniques
  • How to improve your images in Photoshop
  • Post-production tips
  • Advice from a professional photographer

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.


  1. In case of SPICEBOMB (3rd picture), what if the red is around the bottom of the perfume bottle? Then the red behind it, on the surface of the water, it’s real. Correct? Thank you Karl

    1. Hi Ady, no not really. The red on the surface of the water is a reflection, based on the angles of reflectance it would be impossible for a reflection of an object to start so far behind the object itself, it is possible that due to the angle of a wave that it could reflect some red light back but that wouldn’t have the intensity that it has here. If the water was flat it would be completely impossible, the red bottle would have to be much further back.

  2. Karl was really fair on critiques…I missed the dead line myself. But I will make the next one. Happy to send before and after if you want that…which makes total sense….thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m afraid that I have just looked on our system and it appears you entered this image for our ‘Together’ competition rather than for this critique. Unfortunately, this will be why your image was not included in this show.

  3. Masausuki

    Hi Karl, Maybe I also may look like submitted my photo for the photo critique reasons.
    I apologise for this If I made you frustrated.
    But I didn’t find a place to submit an original version and I wonder how I could…
    Anyways I gotta an idea, why don’t you provide for members the same images to challenge doing post production? Maybe beauty and product photos to challenge with your retouching note? I think it’s gonna be fun to see the pure retouching skills on the same image with different level of results.

    And thank you very much for your comment during the show, I really appreciate it as usual.

  4. Just received the invite… But too late to submit a photo. I must look more often at the site…
    I’ll be arouund for the LIVE.

    Best wishes AlanFromParis

    1. Hi Alan,

      I’m sorry to hear that you missed the deadline for entering this Critique. You can find all upcoming courses, classes, challenges etc. in our calendar here –

      Our next critique will take place at the beginning of November with the deadline for submissions being October 27th. 🙂

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