Sunset Seascape Photography: Post-Production

Karl sits down to review and edit the sunset seascape photograph he took in the previous class, recapping on his camera settings, compositional decisions and filter choices too.

Working with both Lightroom and Photoshop, Karl shows you his post-production process on a landscape image such as this, including selecting his top images, making initial adjustments to colour and exposure as well as correcting lens distortion and chromatic aberration.

Working in Photoshop, he then demonstrates how to combine and blend elements from different images, work with layers and layer masks and use tools such as Transform and Liquify.

In this class:

  • Post-production: How to edit a landscape image
  • Landscape photography tips
  • Working with Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Making color adjustments in Lightroom
  • Lightroom lens correction feature
  • Using layers and layer masks in Photoshop
  • Merging and blending layers
  • Using curves for color correction
  • Correcting image distortion using Transform and Liquify tools

To see how this image was shot, please watch our Sunset Seascape class. If you’d like to learn more about landscape photography, you may be interested in our Coastal Sunset Shoot or Painting with light classes.

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  1. Hi Karl
    Just signed up for your courses and I must say starting with the essentials course and following them in order is the right way to go, I love your work, and it’s been inspirational to me to pick up my Nikon D600 and get out there and photograph the countryside and seascapes.
    I really enjoy the way you teach very informative and easy to understand looking forward to carrying on with the rest of your courses.
    Thank You, Dave Williams

  2. hi Carl, very nice video and you give all the process information, very helpful! instead of making copies and and go to photoshop for the land area on the horizon, using the brush tool in the gradient section to mask only the sky wouldn’t be easier, or it would not have good result?

    thanks, John.

    1. Hi John, thanks. My memory is a little rusty from this particular class, at what time in the video are you referring to and I’ll check for you. All the best Karl.

  3. Hi Karl.

    I am really enjoying these videos. A great one here of how to edit in Lightroom and PS.
    you mention about the LEE filters being available in the shop. Is this a feature that is still available, as I can’t seem to find the shop anywhere in the education platform?

    Looking forward to continuing to learn!

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