Mountain Dew Project | Part 3: The Shoot

Go behind the scenes on a truly spectacular film shoot.

Want to know what it takes to produce a promotional video worthy of a global drinks brand? Join renowned videographer and liquids specialist Barry Makariou as he walks you through every stage of one of his most exciting and memorable film shoots.

You’ll discover the cameras, lenses, lights, props, frame rates and special effects that Barry and his team used to produce a stunning array of mesmerising clips. You’ll also get a rare insight into the creativity, passion and energy involved in world-class professional filmmaking.

As Barry breaks down each element of this fascinating shoot, you’ll feel inspired to push your own creative limits and reach new heights in your filmmaking.

In this class:

  • Professional filmmaking techniques
  • Behind the scenes on an advertising film shoot
  • How to create awesome video clips

To find out how Barry came to work on this campaign, watch Mountain Dew Project | Part 1: The Brief and Mountain Dew Project | Part 2: The Pitch.

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  1. Thanks for the videos. They were very helpful.
    Are you able to give any indication of budget.. was it in the £50,000 or £100,000 or more range?
    How do you stop your ideas submitted during the bid process being re-used without your permission if you were unsuccessful?
    Was the job profitable?
    Simple question… or maybe not… what is the software you use with your fellow creatives when putting together the treatment?

  2. Bill Zech

    This was a fantastic series to watch — I learned so much about the complexity and challenges in doing even short commercial clips like these. I’ll never do anything like this myself, but it was fascinating to watch these. Many thanks to Barry and you, Karl, for making this available!

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