Move Pack vs Profoto B4

If you’re serious about Fashion or Portrait photography on location then you need to be thinking about a professional mobile lighting solution. In this video, In this video Karl reviews two leading brands on location lighting options and provides an extensive, in-depth comparison of both models with some surprising results! Watch this comprehensive “Head-to-Head” video of Broncolor’s Move Pack versus the Profoto Pro-B4 to discover which system comes out top.



    That was a great comparison thanks a lot Karl !

  2. You didn´t mention one important thing about Profoto B4, that is the Recycling Time. You can fire 30 flashes per second.

  3. Thanks Karl. I appreciate your answer. No Red warnings or exposure problems so I guess they’re fine. Great lights. Just can’t use with my baby photography side because the sound startles sleeping babies. Tks again.

  4. Just saw your test on the Move 1200. When I shoot with my Move 1200 and Mobiled lights I get a loud “snap” or “pop” when the light is fired, yet I never heard any thing remotely like that in your tests. Is this normal or is there something possibly wrong with my kit?
    I have Siros 800’s I just recently purchased and they are so silent when the flash fires, just like all of my Profotos.
    So I don’t quite get the loud sound. Any advice? TKS.

    1. Hi Ramon, the mobi led’s do make a different pop to the Siros, if there was a problem the test button light on the move pack should turn red. If you are worried about them take them to your dealer to check but if you are not experiencing and exposure problems then they are probably fine. For example my picolites make a completely different ‘pop’ when I use them on the Scoro packs compared to a Unilite on a Scoro pack.

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