1. Thank you Karl for your feedback! I have a question. You told me that my picture (Ana Vorkapic) is ok but should have done more skin editing. It is too bad I cant put an original here of the portrait I sent you so you can compare the two, becouse I did a lot of editing, but tried to keep a natural look. It is a bussiness not a beauty portrait so I didnt wnat to go too far. So how do you know how much of skin editing is enough?

    1. Hi Ana, yes that’s a difficult one! Knowing when it’s enough is often a case of experience and I find the best strategy is to leave an image for 20 mins and then look at it with fresh eyes. There is no firm answer I’m afraid it’s just something that you will learn and part of the process is to compare your retouching work to the work of others who you feel do it well.

  2. Thank you Karl for your great and constructive feedback! It really helps me to improve and reach the next level!

  3. To explain what confused Karl about the smiling older gentleman with those flowers in front of him: what’s going on here?

    In the Finnish culture, you may congratulate anyone for any achievement, or express gratitude, by presenting a bouquet of flowers to join in celebrating the source of shared joy. For example, having a full decade birthday when you turn into 50, 60, 70 … 100 years or more of age is such a reason to donate / receive a bunch of flowers dressed in a suit in a cheerful mood, regardless of whether or not you are a florist! – So, that’s what is going on. 😄

    Thank you for your advice on improving the portrait, as well as the useful critique on all the contributing entries!

  4. Grazie mille Karl, non capisco bene la lingua ma provo a seguire i consigli che dai in tutti i video, ho notato che tra il tuo schermo ed il mio c’è molta differenza di colore, eppure ho un imac tarato con spyder5, grazie ancora per il tuo aiuto sulle piume e sul colore della pelle, dove trovo sempre difficoltà a renderla omogenea come colorazione.

  5. Lindstrem

    sorry, I got disconnected when watching the last part, right when Karl was addressing my question.
    How can I rewatch this? Will this be on this URL or on youtube?

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