Small Office Space Portrait

Working on location at a clients office can often be a daunting task, especially if the space to work in is small. In this business portrait photography class, Karl shares a number of useful tips to help you get great results.

In this class, Karl explains the common problems one may face when doing a shoot such as this. He covers what to look out for, how to overcome common issues, how to pose your subject and how to light them.

In this class:

  • Portrait photography: Environmental business portraits
  • How to take business portraits using studio lights
  • How to photograph business portraits on location
  • Useful equipment for portrait photography
  • Posing ideas for business portraits
  • Camera settings for environmental business portrait photography

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  1. Hi Karl, thanks so much for the video. I just wanted to flag that it could be really useful to do another similar video but with a full team. This may help you explain how to work in tighter space constraints as well as effectively lighting multiple subjects who could be different distances from the camera and could be facing different directions. I know I would personally find that very useful . Thanks again

    1. Hi Damien, when you say full team do you mean a group shot? If so I wouldn’t attempt to photograph a group of more than 3 people in a space like this and I would chose another location.

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