Visual Education 2023 Wrap-Up

Karl and Emma sit down on the sofa to recap Visual Education's highlights, from live shows and course releases to competitions and more.

Karl walked through some of his most challenging shoots from the year, including a montage of amusing outtakes from an upcoming cola shoot.

We also revisited some of our favourite weekly challenge entries that you guys submitted to us.

This replay also includes a preview of one of our upcoming classes, offering a glimpse into what's in store.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful 2023 year. Karl, your bloopers were funny. On serious note, love your whole platform. The critiques videos are an awesome way to learn. I really appreciate the whole VE team. I look forward to 2024..

  2. GuillermoEstudio

    I started taking classes with you in this year and it is the best thing that has happened to me as a photographer. I will continue in 2024 learning more from you if God will.

    The best part today was behind the scenes of Coca Cola.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Regards from Dominican Republic.

  3. Great show, outstanding classes and I’m looking forward to more learning in 2024! Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Karl, Massive thank you to yourself and the team for all of your efforts this year, Ive thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot, thank you!

    Just a thought if your looking at ideas for content for 2024, I would love to see more on the drone photography and videography front as this is an area of interest for myself…..

    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2024.

    1. Hi and thank you. Did you check out our filmmaking section? We will be adding more to this section in 2024 too. All the best Karl.

  5. Thanks for another great year of content… Happy Holidays to you and the crew!

    Might be a bit too specific, but I would be interested to see how you would actually work with Capture One in a tethered session. I understand it is similar to Focus? Not so much a software in depth training, but rather what tools you might make use of in a real world shoot in real time? Just a thought.

    1. Hi John, I’ve shot several times with Capture One tethered when I use Sony 35mm, in fact I needed to do this recently on a hotel shoot in France and we only took Sony as we were also shooting video. I find I’m only using the same basic controls; little bit of exposure slider, shadows and contrast as needed and of course colour temperature just to see what it should look like. Once I’m happy it looks ok on screen then that’s good enough for me and I export to Photoshop and finish off there. So all in all there isn’t much difference to how I shoot in Phocus, yes there are many more features to access in the RAW software if needed but I find this is only if you’ve got a significant problem to solve.

  6. Remig

    Dear Emma, Karl and the VE team,
    Great show and amazing achievements in 2023! I am very proud and happy to be a member of Visual Education, and I am so eager to see the classes with Alex Wallace! This only is a great Christmas gift 🙂
    Anyhow, thanks a lot and congratulations all for the great work and keeping up with managing the greatest visual arts learning platform of them all!
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year celebrations to all the team! 🥳

  7. Mark Gilchrist

    Hi Karl thanks for the recap and the year over year great content. The clamp you used to hold the coke bottle, who manufactures it and what’s the max opening? I’ve found a Mathews clamp that opens to 4inches but this one could be an alternative. Thanks.

  8. Sasa Huzjak

    Great show — as always! The plans for the future sound really great and exciting, looking forward to see Alex Wallace in action, and Ben teaching us Premiere. Also, Masausuki’s idea here in the comments to get an art director to pick their brain out is a fabulous one. Working to the brief, Competitions and Weekly Challenges are a great addition to otherwise already first-class visual learning platform, so please, continue with those 😉

    And Coca Cola brief shoot BTS outtakes were amazing, had a lot of laugh there! Would be nice to see that kind of content a bit more 😉

    All the best to the Karl & the whole team in 2024!

  9. You also launched the new certificates for lighting. I really like that, very helpful going through each course on lighting, and then testing what I’ve learnt. Hopefully there’ll be more to come.

  10. It’s always good to have a glance back to see where we’ve come from – so much fun and collective learning. I found the explanation for evolving into VE really helpful. Excited for 2024! Thank you so much to you both (Emma and Karl) and Ben and team – very much appreciated.
    Best wishes,

  11. Masausuki

    I just had an idea, as content for 2024, how about inviting an art director to a live talk show?
    I haven’t heard much in-depth information about how they actually choose or find collaborators unless you reach them by yourself. I think it would be beneficial for me and other members who make a living from advertising photography if we had the opportunity to hear more about their important decision criteria for their workflow. Also from an ad agencies could be interesting.
    Thank you.

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