Wall Art Shells: Macro

Learn how to make art from the beauty of nature.

Photographing natural beauty can mean capturing distant mountain ranges or rolling fields. Or it can mean getting up close and personal with the gorgeous intricacies of something as simple as a shell. In this class, you’ll do the latter, producing a striking still-life  shot worthy of printing and framing.

In this easy-to-follow photography tutorial, you’ll discover the simple tricks and subtle techniques you need to recreate Karl’s amazing final image. As you cover lenses, accessories, lights and modifiers, you’ll learn exactly how it’s done.

You’ll find out how to balance the background lighting with the lighting on the shells, and how to achieve that alluring glow in the scallops. You’ll also learn about focus stacking, capturing multiple shots to ensure every element of the shells is pin-sharp.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for still life photography
  • Softbox photography
  • Picolite photography
  • Using gels with studio lights
  • How to use a projection attachment
  • Focus stacking

By the end of the class, you’ll have the shots you need to take into post-production. To transform them into a stunning piece of art, perfect for wall art or stock library use, watch Wall Art Shells: Macro | Post-Production.

If you enjoy this class, try Wall Art Shells: The Black Pearl.

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