Packshots: White Background Product Photography

Packshots can be a reliable source of extra income – if you know how to set them up and shoot them to perfection in minutes instead of hours.

In this packshot photography class, Karl discusses his preferred backgrounds for these white-on-white product shots before getting into the simple but effective three-light setup he uses for this type of work.

You’ll see how he achieves white backgrounds for product photography, how he avoids flare and controls excess light, how he prevents overexposing his shot, and how he uses just one light and a reflector to light the product itself.

In this class:

  • How to photograph packshots
  • Creating white backgrounds for product photography
  • Techniques for photographing white products on a white background
  • How to prevent flare
  • Using reflectors

To see Karl’s retouching process for this shot, check out Packshots: White Background Product Photography | Post-Production.

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Product Packshots - Bottles on clean white background

Packshots – White background product photography. © Karl Taylor


  1. Hey Karl,
    How do you deal with glossy/reflective labels on cylindrical products? With a setup very similar to this, the light and mirror lighting the product results in white strips, usually where the logos / details are. At this point is it just comp time with multiple shots with the softbox at different angles, or do you have a better way of dealing with it?

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