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As part of his work with broncolor, Urs Recher is often tasked with photographing electronic products, which often have illuminating screens or buttons. When photographing these items, it’s important to achieve the perfect exposure in order to capture the images on screen.

In this product photography class (a summarised version is available on YouTube) Urs and Karl show you a quick and easy way to photograph an iPad using just three lights and basic modifiers. Urs shares a few useful tips and tricks, reveals a useful accessory and explains his lighting setup and ratios so that you too can capture the perfect product shot.

IPad shot on back background.

In this product photography class we cover the following:

  • Product photography: How to photograph electronic products
  • Product photography tips
  • Long exposure photography
  • Mirror lock up mode
  • How to create gradated light



    Does the plexiglass sheet Urs uses gives the same gradation as Lee216 or because its thicker his gradation is even more pronounced?

    1. Hi, it varies depending on the plexiglass and/or the thickness/brand etc etc. The only real benefit is that it is stiff which makes it ideal in situations like this or where it’s too much trouble to build a frame for a small angled bit of diffusion.

    1. Hi Joel, at around 9mins in this video you can see it is being photographed on white, or could be if the under-lighting was turned up slightly so I don’t quite understand what you mean in your question? Have you understood where and why the black is there and that you could remove that? In doing so of course there would be no visible edge of lighting around the product anymore because it would blend into your white background.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Karl! Definitely understand why the black is there. I shoot computer parts for a client and I often shoot the LCD of a laptop on white. Was just wondering if I should use this same technique and then do a cut out and transfer it to pure white? Or should I shoot it differently all together? I hope that clarifies the question. Thanks for your time!

        1. Hi, personally if I’m wanting pure white then I like to have some distance between my subject and the white background so that my background doesn’t illuminate my subject (which of course is what Urs wanted in this one to get the edges of the ipad) so I often shoot on glass and light the floor instead (see our no cut out ‘pack shots’ section) or mostly I’ll light a white wall a couple of meters behind my subject.

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