Photography Challenge Image Review: Week 3

We were particularly egg-cited to see what our members would come up with for this week’s challenge, and we weren’t disappointed! In this live show Karl looked at a selection of images submitted for week 3 of our photography challenge, offering his feedback and advice on the images. To help members develop their skills, Karl shared some useful tips for improvement and suggestions for further refinement too. The topic for week 4 of the challenge was also announced.

The theme for this week was ‘Eggs’; you can view a full gallery of members’ images from this week’s challenge here.


  1. Thanks for the review. I’m not sure why my images show up as low resolution. When I export the image in photoshop, I make sure the pixels are at least 2000px on the long edge. Somehow maybe Facebook is making it smaller? Not sure.

  2. In the shot of multiple eggs with “balloon halo shadows”, I’d like to know if the shadows were photographed or drawn into the shot manually. I ask because the shadow angles do not seem to match the eggs and there is a sameness to the darkest edge of the shadow that make them look more like brush strokes than a genuine shadow to me.

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