Working to a Brief: Assignment 4 LAUNCH

In this live show, Karl reveals the fourth ‘Working to a brief’ challenge — an earphones product shot.

Outlining the concept for the shoot, Karl explains the specific requirements, including the lighting, background and submission deadlines. He also shares some useful tips and answers further questions from members that will help guide you as you tackle this project.

You can find the complete brief, including visual sketches, mood board images and description, here.

Images are to be sent in before the deadline on 12th February and can be submitted using the form at the bottom of the brief. These will be reviewed in the follow-up live show, where a winner will be announced.

Past brief challenges include:

Useful classes that you might find helpful for this task include our  ‘Working to a brief’ business class and various classes within our product photography course.


  1. Hi Karl,

    This is my first brief I’m executing since I joined the platform in January.
    Although it’s though for me as an amateur, it has some great lessons in it.
    Anyway I’m enjoying it.

  2. jmhedrick

    This is the most challenging challenge, ever. Easier said than done, many aspects to address. Absolutely sadistic! Thank you. Haha.

  3. johnleigh

    Hi Karl – Im thinking to tackle this challenge and wonder if you might accept black earphones as my Android devices dont come with white – if black is acceptable would you propose that shooting on black is still good or on white?
    otherwise I will purchase a pair of white non apple earphones for the challenge!

  4. Attention colleagues! This is a Trap! It look so simple and easy but there are some trapdoors.
    I fall into it. But i´ve fun, fun, fun.
    Great Brief Karl.

  5. That was great, I had to tune in afterwards, but the questions others asked were helpful. It was nice to hear you mention Saatchi, and McCann Erikson. I started in 1981 when it was Saatchi Saatchi Compton and worked with McCann Erickson accounts as well. I believe McCann had Jeep at the time, Chevy Cars and Trucks came out of Campbell Ewald and Marschalk Advertising. My favorite client was the work from SSC&B Lintas, it was Cover Girl. Those were my assistant years, then I left to go management, it has been great to get back to the roots and get caught up in developing my love for the camera. Thank you for the education, I’m going to keep at it.

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