‘Splash’ Competition Winners

We would love to thank you all for taking Part in our ‘Splash’ theme photography competition, we received some really great entries!

We would also like to say a big congratulations to the winners of this competition. Check out our winners below:

Winner Neville Mountford Hoare will receive a Broncolor Octabox 150.

Runner-up Gary Collyer will receive a Lee Filters Big Stopper.

Coming in third, Catalin Olariu will receive a will receive a Lee Filters X Karl Taylor Technical Lighting Gel Pack.

1st Prize 

First place splash image

Neville Mountford Hoare

This superbly executed splash style advertising shot ticks all the boxes in terms of aesthetics and form. The splash is well defined and clear with great shape, in conjunction the colour choices work really well between the hero label and supporting cast. The only critique that would be applied if this were an advertising shot would be what is the connection between coloured paint and a lager? However as we’re judging the image primarily on the splash effect and overall look and feel this shot is a deserved winner.

2nd Prize

Second place splash image
Big stopper

Gary Collyer

Gary’s perfectly timed high speed and macro splash image certainly captures the ‘moment’. Those hidden fractions of time are revealed in this images as the liquid splash forms the shape of a flying saucer!

3rd Prize

third place splash image
Gel pack

Catalin Olariu

It’s extremely difficult to control the aesthetics of splashes and make them work with other objects as well as combine lighting that works for both. In this shot Catalin has revealed a very good splash around the product that delivers energy and dynamics, although we feel the lower right sheet of water a little heavy in balance to the rest of the shot. Good use of back lighting and flash duration have resulted in well lit and sharply recorded splash elements. 

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