‘Explore’ Competition Winners

This summer, we asked you to go exploring. Of course, 'explore' can mean different things to different people, which is why we received such a fascinating range of images!

Selecting the winners wasn't easy with so many great shots to choose from. But after weighing up the merits of each entry, we eventually agreed on our top three.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

Winner Gary Collyer will receive a Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Tripod Head.

Runner-up Mariusz Cieszewski will receive a Manfrotto Element MII Aluminium Black Tripod.

Coming in third, Hrach Hovhannisyan will receive a Manfrotto Collapsible Reflector 50cm (Silver/Gold).

1st Prize


Gary Collyer

The juxtaposition of colours in Gary’s winning shot is beautiful and dynamic. With its exquisite use of light and skilful composition – the lone explorer framed by the otherworldly ice – this is an intriguing and interesting image, and one that perfectly encapsulates the 'Explore' theme.

2nd Prize

Model in elaborate makeup

Mariusz Cieszewski

This simple yet powerful photo captures the ferocious energy of the waterfall while our two intrepid explorers watch on in awe from a safe distance. While most photographers would reach for a wide-angle lens when presented with a scene like this, Mariusz’s clever use of a longer focal length lens has helped compress the perspective and subject matter together in a compelling way.

3rd Prize

Hrach - third place

Hrach Hovhannisyan

The huge snow-capped mountain in Hrach’s striking photo dwarfs the small singe-engine plain that is our vantage point, inspiring an exciting sense of danger and exploration. The gorgeous light and colours on the wing and clouds create a lovely ethereal atmosphere. (Note: to avoid window reflections in shots like this, use a soft black lens hood and press it against the glass!)

Our next competition

Vintage Competition Prizes

Our next competition closes on 31st Dectember 2023.

Theme: Vintage

1st prize: Manfrotto 3pk Master Lighting Stand, Aluminium, Air Cushiones Black
2nd prize: Manfrotto PRO Light Backloader Backpack S
3rd prize: Manfrotto PIXO EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod

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Good luck!

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