Use the Power of Satellite Staro Lighting in Your Photography

Is it possible to replicate the light from the Satellite Staro?

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In this tutorial, we delve into the captivating world of the Satellite Staro, a distinctive modifier renowned in beauty and fashion photography circles. Despite its discontinuation by Broncolor, we'll uncover techniques to emulate its remarkable lighting effects using alternative tools.

What is the Satellite Staro?

The Satellite Staro stands out with its impressive 92cm diameter, rendering it a substantial light source in any studio setup. Its matt acrylic front diffuses light, creating a central hotspot that gradually fades, delivering a unique illumination pattern. Notably, the Staro's perfectly circular shape produces captivating catchlights in subjects' eyes, adding depth and allure to portraits.

Satellite Staro Lighting Style

Satellite Staro Lighting Style

Portrait Fashion image using Satellite Staro Lighting

Filmic quality fashion model photoshoot

Simulating the Staro's Lighting Effect

While the Satellite Staro may no longer be in production, it's possible to find secondhand units. However, for those unable to access one, alternative methods exist to replicate its distinctive lighting.

Broncolor offers another modifier that, with slight adjustments, can achieve similar results. Additionally, we've filmed a Visual Education class demonstrating how to mimic Satellite Staro lighting using budget-friendly, homemade equipment.

Result comparison

Test Shots - DIY Satellite Staro compared to the real thing.

Embracing the 'Filmic' Aesthetic

A hallmark of the Satellite Staro is its ability to impart a cinematic, nostalgic quality to images. Its unique lighting characteristics evoke a sense of vintage charm and allure, enhancing the visual narrative of photographs.

The interplay of light and shadow, coupled with the modifier's density, contributes to a flattering and emotive aesthetic cherished by photographers.


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Illuminating Comparisons

To show the Satellite Staro's impact, our Lighting Comparison Tool offers insightful comparisons with other modifiers like the Octabox 150 and Para 88. Contrasting their lighting qualities reveals the Staro's soft, uniform illumination with a centralised hotspot, contrasting with the Para 88's crisp, directional light ideal for fashion photography.

Portrait Fashion image using Satellite Staro Lighting

Lighting Comparison Tool - left: Octabox 150  right: Satellite Staro


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Conclusion: Unleash Your Creativity

While the Satellite Staro may be scarce, its enchanting lighting effects remain within reach through alternative modifiers and creative experimentation.

Whether investing in similar tools or crafting budget-friendly solutions, exploring the filmic aesthetic opens new vistas of creativity in studio photography.

Harness resources like Visual Education to expand your skills and achieve stunning results that captivate and inspire. Discover the magic of professional studio photography and unleash your artistic vision today!

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