‘Vintage’ Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners of our ‘Vintage’ theme photography competition and a big thank you to all of those who entered. There were some really great entries which made it very difficult to choose from but the whole team here at Visual Education decided on the following:

Winner Guillermo Lopez Orallo will receive a Manfrotto 3 Pack Master Lighting Stand.

Runner-up Krzysztof Czernecki will receive a Manfrotto PRO Light Backloader Backpack S.

Coming in third, Alexander Bocker will receive a Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod.

1st Prize 


Guillermo Lopez Orallo

This perfectly 'vintage' theme image is very well-balanced with complementary backlighting and delicate, beautifully arranged components. The depth of field falls at just the right amount to avoid confusion and isolate the main subject, while the supporting cast of cogs and tools helps elevate the main subject and theme. The overall styling, from the base surface to the small details, has been well thought out and executed.

2nd Prize


Krzysztof Czernecki

A very stylish and strong second place; this image is the epitome of 'cool retro vintage.' The low vantage point gives power to the main subject with excellent and well-thought-out lighting. The photographer has taken a simple object and given it narrative and interest with the loop of tape, pencil, and the item's position and placement.

3rd Prize


Alexander Bocker

This beautifully lit image of the legendary Canon F1 (one of Karl's favorite cameras) takes us back 30 or more years to a time when 'manual everything' was how it was done. The lighting on the object and the lens sculpt the item, so we feel like we could almost pick it up from the photograph! 

Highly Commended


Gary Stasiuk

Gary’s strong use of rim lighting serve the subject well to isolate the black telephone from a black background but also with a great balance of fill lighting in the important parts.

Ned Smith

Ned’s guitar shot looks like a piece of art and the choice of colours further add to the ‘vintage’ feel. 

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