Patterns Photography: Harness the Power of Patterns

Patterns are all around us, from the windows on a skyscraper to the trees in a forest. In photography, we can use patterns to create compelling images that capture the viewer's attention and imagination.

In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of patterns in photography, learn how to identify them, and provide some tips and examples for using patterns to create stunning images.

Patterns Photography: Definition

Patterns are repetitions of shapes, lines, colours, or textures within an image. They can be natural or man-made. The key to creating a successful image using patterns is to capture the repetition in a visually appealing and impactful way.

Whether you make it the main subject, or use it as a secondary or background element, a pattern can enhance the impact of an image by catching and holding the viewer's attention.

patterns photography using Laser Lighting and Flash Photography

How to Use Patterns in Photography

To use patterns effectively in an image, you need to be aware of the patterns within the scene and how they interact with other elements in the composition.

Here are some tips for using leading lines in your photography.

  1. Look for patterns
    Even when you don't have your camera in your hand, pay attention to the repetition of shapes, lines, colors, or textures in the world around you.

  2. Find the right angle
    Experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture your chosen pattern in the most compelling way possible.

  3. Fill the frame
    Try filling the frame with the pattern to create a more interesting abstract and graphic image.

  4. Use depth of field
    Experiment with a shallow depth of field to blur the background of your shot, isolating and emphasising the pattern.

  5. Experiment with different types of patterns
    Geometric patterns, organic patterns, or repeating patterns can all create different moods and effects.
Look for patterns

Patterns Photography Examples

To give you some inspiration, here are some patterns photography examples:

1. Patterns created by filling the frame with multiple identical products.

patterns photography using products
© Visual Education member Zac Hayat
2. Architectural patterns in the built environment.
Choosing the right angle
© Visual Education member Shyjith Cheriyath
3. Black and white lines painted on a wall create a striking pattern.
Fill the frame
© Visual Education member Tittu Shaji Thomas

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Whether they are natural or manmade, patterns are eye-catching and captivating. Humans are irresistibly drawn to patterns, so seeking them out and using them in your photography is a surefire way to make your images more compelling.

From the stripes on a tiger's back to raindrops on a car window, harness the power of patterns to enhance the impact of your photographs.

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