Photography Challenge - Week 10

4 March - 10 March

Are you looking for some photography ideas to test your skills and get your creativity flowing? We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to help inspire you. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Portrait photography with shadows

Self Portrait

As photographers, many of us prefer being behind the camera, which is why, for some of you, this week’s challenge may be the hardest one yet. But don’t be put off — this challenge will provide a great learning experience (and at the end of it you may even walk away with a great new photo for your website or social media!).

Before you start, think about what you want to say with your portrait. Do you want a realistic self portrait, or something more artistic and expressive? Perhaps a faceless portrait could even be an option?

Think about what background you’ll use, and whether you’ll need any props. What type of lighting will work best, and how will you style the shot? These are things you should have been thinking about for each our previous challenges, so it’s nothing new. But this week you’ll also face the challenge of focusing, lighting and posing — simple things that become a lot harder when you can’t see the image until you’ve shot it! So work carefully, be patient and try to think outside the box!

Below are a few classes that you might find useful for this week's challenge.


  • Please rename your image file using your first and last name (e.g. Karl Taylor.jpg).
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  • Please upload no more than one image.
  • Uploaded images should be 3000px on the longest side.
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Week 10 - Members' Gallery

Dhayaalan Vr Yves Estrabaud Photographies Dhayaalan Vr Franck Charlery-adele Jamie Silk Jerome Jack Jonas Wångström Mezame Shashin ka Nikhil Ramaswamy Steve Molnar Aby Hamouda Andy Greenwell Barry Rufus Beau Nelson Bogdan Rusu Charlie Bard Danny Golan David Morgan Dustin James Leighton Fadi Sahouri Feng Gao Frank Grygier Hamed Daneshkhah Ian Knight John Thompson John Thompson Jorge Reynal Luis Erazo Studio Lynne Hughes Williams Mariann Mariann Mark Todd Martin Strivens Massimo Biava Matt Draper Mofor George MN Nick Paschalis Nigel Tustin Øystein Nustad Paddock 2 Pixel Paul Smith Philip De Backer Philipp Oberhuber Richard Randle Romay Corrales Scott David Burk Scott Steinweiss Soltesz Theophil Sullivan George Thierry Passeron Tom Hickman Vince Taroc Wallace Hutchinson West Maze Yves Estrabaud Photographies Brian Dalthorp Danny Golan Narek Mtazbax Sanket Khuntale Al Topping Igal Ginzburg Krzysztof Szelegieniec Mark Glancy Mark Naguib Maxine Lock Narek Mtazbax Pete Harper Umberto Oreglini Wayne Densley Bogdan Rusu Carlos Sánchez Gooding Dany Lanthier Maxime Tuczapski Rob Docherty Shoji Kudaka Alan Longworth CA Eccles Cam Chute Doug Howell Doug Mullis Fedor Dubiley James Doak James Pastiche Jay Ann Knox Jimmy Daboul Jonathan Lewis Ken Breivik Photography Mark Weir Martin Králík Massimiliano Ferrari Raffaele Lele Sorbi Raffaele Lele Sorbi Remko Modderkolk Rohit Das Simon Reeves Stefan Mercoli Steve Trew Teo Valatkevicius Zbignev Safranovic Vickie Gray Tien Vo Ted Eggs Stephanie Renon Stuart Anderson Stefan Hibl Rebert Adcock Rob Fornell Robert Campbell Ryan Cheung Sarah Rackham Simona Saccani Vezzani Stacey Gwilliam Noah Russell Nirela Nela Hodzic Sahinagic Nick Wilson Morten Obbink Mike Cashen Mike Carpenter Michal Lausch Julieta Krischak Kelly Widdowfield Lore Medel Lorenzo Piovesan Luiz Freire Mark Naguib Michael Fox Jonathan Mark Hendrick Jon Babek Jim Carter Jake Churchwell Jackie McLaughlin-Martin Ian Anderson Gergo Rabi Colin Davis Geoff Lacy Gary Stasiuk Gabriel Santaella Garcia Carl Taylor Chris Moody Bruno Tomei Erik Van den Biesen Eric Smith Brian Kenny Brent Gantenbein Bill Warford Doug Mullis Doug Howell Dirk Mampuys David Webber Anthony Johnson Bela Dobai Anthanasios Zoidis Angela Perez Alison David Alexandra Lilith Colin Halford Danielle Bennett David Palermo Peter Klingsheim Imanuel Fayn Craig Ó Mathúna Dušan Čupa Sanna Lange Vaclav Rus Tanja Kuic Robert Harper Peter Taylor Michael Daily Marija Djordjevic Lukasz Gudaniec Kris Nagy Joseph Younes Jose Gomez Dario Sechi Dan Hone Aggie Nichols Dan Hone Dusan Cupa Larry Moody Mercedes D Gonzalez Olav Nowiak Vanja Simunko Victor Octalino Putra


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    These images are amazing, I am truly sorry that I missed this assignment!! Great job guys I am truly inspired!! GOD bless!!

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