Photography Challenge - Week 39

23 September - 29 September

Are you looking for some photography ideas to test your skills and get your creativity flowing? We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to help inspire you. We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to inspire you to try new things and get you out of your comfort zone. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Aerial view of glasses on white squares

Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay images are incredibly popular at the moment. From cosmetic companies to restaurants, there's a good chance you’ve seen at least one flat lay image in the last week.

These images, when done correctly, can be incredibly eye-catching. Composition and lighting are two main elements that will help elevate your image and give it a professional quality. Both of these are covered in more detail in our flat lay photography live workshop.

Whether you choose to refine your lighting techniques, or try something new and experiment with tilt-shift techniques, there’s a great amount of creative freedom this week. You might even come out of it with a new image for your portfolio!


  • Please rename your image file using your first and last name (e.g. Karl Taylor.jpg).
  • Only images uploaded using the form below will appear in the gallery.
  • Please upload no more than one image.
  • Uploaded images should be 3000px on the longest side.
  • Images can be posted in our members' Facebook group, but will not appear in the gallery unless also uploaded via the form.

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