Photography Challenge - Week 35

26 August - 1 September

Our weekly photography challenges are designed to encourage you to try new things, and we’ve got 52 weeks of ideas to inspire you. Each topic is achievable whether you’re shooting at home or in a studio, use natural light or studio lights, have years of experience or just a few months. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Portrait photography with shadows

Photography Equipment

Lenses, camera bags, filters… This week we’re challenging you to shoot your own photography equipment.

There’s no end to the range of products you could shoot, and there’s definitely no shortage of ways you could get creative. From pack shot-style images of your tripod to more stylised, moody images of your lens, why not use this week to try something new or refine a certain technique?

That’s not to say this week’s theme is without its challenges. You’ll likely have to deal with reflective surfaces, multiple textures and curved shapes. To help you overcome these challenges, take a look at the classes below for tips and information.


  • Please rename your image file using your first and last name (e.g. Karl Taylor.jpg).
  • Only images uploaded using the form below will appear in the gallery.
  • Please upload no more than one image.
  • Uploaded images should be 3000px on the longest side.
  • Images can be posted in our members' Facebook group, but will not appear in the gallery unless also uploaded via the form.

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