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Our inspirational online classes will show you step-by-step how to start creating stunning food photography.


Welcome to the Food Photography Online Classes, where you'll learn to capture stunning visuals that will make your audience's taste buds tingle.
Sweets food photography shoot

Evoke emotion with colour, light and texture.

Whether you’re new to food photography or already working with commercial clients, use only natural light, or love studio lighting, we have everything you need.

Expert guidance from renowned food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova

Comprehensive curriculum covering lighting, composition, styling, and post-processing

Expert support and guidance to boost your skills and refine your craft

Interactive community to connect with fellow food photography enthusiasts

Flexible, on-demand access to course materials to learn at your own pace

Unlimited access to course materials for continuous learning and updates

Exclusive bonus resources including e-books, cheat sheets, and recommended gear lists

Food photography is a lot of fun. If you get it right, it can be lucrative, too.

Step into a world of precision lighting and exciting creativity.

From the simplest shoots to the truly complex, deliver results that exceed your clients’ wildest dreams.
Automotive Product Photography

Learn by doing to produce a portfolio of high-quality images.

Our easy-to-follow, in-depth classes teach you to create images that tell captivating stories.

From pre-visualisation to post-production.

With hundreds of classes, lighting solutions, and problem-solving examples, we’ll inspire you and equip you with the skills you need.
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Craft striking images using only natural light.

You’ll be amazed how creative you can get with minimal equipment. Our achievable examples show you how to plan, style, light and execute stunning shots – even on a shoestring budget.


Get creative with just one studio light.

For simple studio setups for food, our one-light classes have you covered. Learn how to make the most of your light with basic modifiers and affordable accessories.


Master precise lighting control.

Let Karl teach you about flagging, global illumination, shadow control, and how to use DIY modifiers to achieve truly creative results.


Create your own DIY photography backdrops.

The right backgrounds and backdrops are crucial in food photography. Once you learn how to create your own, the possibilities are endless.


Prepare food and source props like a pro.

Expert food photographer Anna Pustynnikova shares her secrets for ensuring food always looks its best, plus finding the props you need to make your shots pop.


Tell stories with your food images.

Storytelling is all about capturing attention, stoking desire and evoking emotion. Discover how to captivate an audience with your photographs.


Sell your work and boost your revenue.

Once you’ve completed our food photography journey, you should feel confident in your ability to produce high-quality portfolio images to wow clients and market on stock libraries.


Harness the power of light to portray food in new, artistic and beautiful ways.

With over 900 classes at your fingertips, food photography is just part of what you’ll learn. Covering all types of photography PLUS post-production, 3D CGI, and business, Karl Taylor Education gives you a whole world of learning on one accessible, easy-to-use platform.

Why Choose Our Food Photography Online Classes?

Anna Pustynnikova
Food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova
Anna PustynnikovaAnna Pustynnikova
Karl Taylor, professional photographer
Anna Pustynnikova
  1. Expert Guidance: Led by renowned food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova, and top professional photographer and educator Karl Taylor, this class provides you with invaluable insights and techniques from industry experts with years of experience. Anna Pustynnikova has worked with top food brands, magazines, and restaurants, bringing her expertise in food photography and styling to the forefront. Karl Taylor, a highly acclaimed professional photographer and educator, has a wealth of knowledge to share, ensuring you receive comprehensive guidance to master the art of food photography. Together, they are dedicated to sharing their expertise and helping you elevate your skills in this creative field.

  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers everything you need to know to create stunning food photographs. From understanding lighting and composition to styling techniques and post-processing, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to enhance your skills and creativity.

  3. Practical Assignments: Learning by doing is key to mastering food photography. Throughout the course, you'll engage in hands-on assignments that allow you to practice what you've learned. Receive personalised support and gain the confidence to capture breathtaking food images.

  4. Interactive Community: Join a vibrant community of food photography enthusiasts just like you. Connect with fellow students, share your work, and participate in discussions. Gain inspiration, receive constructive feedback, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for culinary art.

  5. Flexibility and Convenience: Our online class is designed to fit into your busy schedule. With on-demand access to video lessons, you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, our course materials are available whenever it's convenient for you.

  6. Unlimited Access: As a member of our online class, you'll enjoy unlimited access to the course materials. Revisit the lessons and resources whenever you need a refresher or want to explore advanced topics. Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and techniques in the ever-evolving field of food photography throughout your membership.

  7. Bonus Resources: As a part of our online class, you'll receive exclusive bonus resources, including e-books, cheat sheets, and recommended gear lists. These additional materials will further enhance your learning experience and serve as valuable references even after you've completed the course.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your food photography skills. Enroll in our Food Photography Online Class today and embark on a journey to capture stunning visuals that will leave your viewers craving more.

Sign up now and let your culinary creations shine through the lens!

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View our food photography classes

Food Styling and Photography

Learn from top food photographer Anna Pustynnikova as she reveals her secrets
  • 34 Classes
  • 26+ Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

In this series, you'll learn from top food photographer Anna Pustynnikova as she reveals her secrets, covering everything from preparation and prop selection to styling and lighting.

We’ll go from natural light setups in your own home to more advanced studio lighting techniques, offering tips for beginner and advanced food photographers alike.

With Anna and Karl, you'll learn how to photograph everything from delicate desserts to store-bought pastries as they teach you powerful techniques that will enable you to shoot your own creative ideas with confidence.

What you’ll learn:

  • Preparation & styling for food photography
  • Photographing food at home using natural light
  • Simple studio lighting setups for food photography
  • Where to find props, backgrounds & accessories for food shoots
  • Recommended lenses & equipment
  • Techniques for shooting lifestyle & editorial-style food photography with models
  • The importance of narrative and how to tell a story with your images
  • Creative food photography ideas

Still Life Photography

Quickly learn how to compose, style, and light artistic still life images, with amazing results.
Still Life Photographs Montage
  • 26 Classes
  • 19.5+ Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

This inspirational and informative series includes stand-alone classes that cover lighting techniques and tips for still life photography, as well as a start-to-finish breakdown of one of Karl's own still life images.

Through Karl's clear teaching methods and numerous examples, you'll quickly learn how to compose, style, and light artistic still life images, with amazing results.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to shoot still life photography
  • Creating a narrative
  • Creative lighting techniques
  • Composition techniques and tips
  • Colour theory and how to use it
  • Retouching still life photos
  • Fine art & commercial still life ideas

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Working to a brief - Learn by doing

Learn how to think and work like a pro

Learn by doing with our 'Working to a Brief' practical assignments and get detailed professional feedback on your creative work.

Photographs Brief Montage
  • 27 Classes
  • 26+ Hours content
  • Level: All Levels

Practice real-world photography skills with our photography brief assignments and prepare yourself to work with real commercial clients.

Working from a visual sketch with written description and mood-board images, you’ll learn how to interpret and execute a designated image.

Designed to be accessible for any equipment level, all our assignments feature follow-up live shows in which Karl reviews each of the submissions.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to work to a photography brief
  • How to interpret and execute a given image
  • Practice real-world photography skills
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Feedback on your images
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